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Road-tripping America the Unusual Way

Starship Enterprise

Starship Enterprise, Vulcan


This is a guest post by Natalie Likness

With its sprawling, world famous roads and scenery to die for, North America is a country which is calling out to be explored by road. Unlike most holidays, booking flights and finding cheap car rental is the easy part of any road-tripping journey around the USA and Canada. The difficult decision is what route to take and what places to explore, especially if you want to do something a little bit different. So to make life easier, here are my top three quirky North American road trips.

1. ‘Roadside’ North America

I’m lucky enough to have Canadian cousins who live up to the ‘crazy Albertans’ stereotype which has meant that many of my holidays there have turned into one crazy excursion or another. On our journeys, we began to make note of the many roadside attractions dotted around the province, like the world’s largest Dinosaur in Drumheller, the world’s largest Cowboy boot in Edmonton and the world’s largest outdoor chess set in Medicine Hat. We discovered that this spread right across Canada and into America and there are many websites dedicated to capturing each one. Now on each road-trip we take, we try to visit as many of these crazy roadside attractions as we can and it certainly makes for a fun trip to see how out there some of them are! My favourite is still the massive Starship Enterprise that greets you as you drive into Vulcan.

Pan-american highway (Quito, Ecuador)

2. World’s Longest Continuous Road

When on a road-trip, people often complain that whatever road they’re on is the ‘longest road in the world’. Well if you take a trip on the Pan American Highway, then you most definitely are! Running from Alaska to the tip of Argentina, the highway runs for an impressive 29,000 miles and shows North and South America at its finest. The longest we’ve driven is from Edmonton, Alberta to Whitehorse in The Yukon, a journey of over 1200 miles and one with many stop offs in between. However, it is possible to drive the entire route as Tim Cahill proved when he took just 23 days to complete the journey. If you’re feeling inspired or want to beat that record, you can read all about his trip in his book ‘Road Fever’.

Majestic looking butte from Utah SR 128

3. The Dinosaur Highway

If you’re looking for an extraordinary road-trip, then a journey that mixes pre-historic sites whilst travelling around in the finest 21st Century comfort will surely give you that. Among the sprawling badlands of Utah is the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway. I’ve been crazy about dinosaurs ever since I was a child and coming here was a dream come true. Taking in over 500 miles of Utah and Colorado, the highway cuts through land where dinosaurs once roamed and you are literally transported back to the land before time as you make your way along the route. As well as the prehistoric landscape and the chance to do a dinosaur dig, you’ll also take in some of the finest scenery America has to offer. It’s the trip of a lifetime.

Natalie’s love of travel was introduced to her from an early age due to a trip abroad before she was even born! Having close family and making friends across the world, she has continued to travel ever since.