Is it art or an eyesore? The Abode of Chaos

Demeure de Chaos/Abode of Chaos aerial shot

Demeure de Chaos

The Demeure du Chaos (abode of chaos) is situated in a little village in the Rhône region of France – Romain-au-Mont-d’Or. It’s an artists’ collective that, according to report I read in French magazine “L’Oeil” back in 2010 was attracting the ire of the mayor and local residents.

It seems, according to this report, that it’s still a bit of a battle ground, even though a legal move to close the place failed. What some may see as valid anti-establishment art, others have taken against because it’s s a bit of an eyesore, a noise polluter (with all the sawing and hammering) and a negative influence on nearby property prices.

Thierry Ehrmann, millionaire founder of and artist has turned this 17th century residence into what some might say is a work of art, but others do not agree, and the dispute could end up going as far as the court of Human Rights where Ehrmann is seeking to define what exactly art is, in France anyway. His opinion is that artistic expression has been a “national and universal right since the beginning of time” (my translation).

Julian Assange at the Abode of Chaos

Julian Assange at the Abode of Chaos

This contemporary art museum is the product of the work of dozens of artists, with 2500 works and counting.

The art includes lots and lots of graffiti, a giant skull, concrete formed into weird shapes, painted and twisted vehicles, empty diesel containers, a swimming pool dyed red a downed helicopter and a representation of the twin towers. Steve Jobs, Julian Assange, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Albert Einstein all decorate the walls. All this is meant to represent the chaos and disorder of human existence.

Helicopter at Abode of Chaos

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And of course, Edward Snowden has made an appearance:

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

The museum is open on weekends and it’s free, attracting thousands to this little town, and for those who don’t see it in quite the same way as Ehrmann it must be a bit of a trial.

Their latest exhibition has a rather arresting image to advertise it. Trans-mutation represents “A bridge between traditional techniques and possible futures” and it runs to October 2013.

Trans-mutation at the Abode of Chaos

Trans-mutation at the Abode of Chaos

Is it art or is it a blight on the landscape? Judge for yourselves by paying the Demeure du Chaos in the Rhône region  a visit.



Driving directions to St Romain au Mont D’Or from Paris


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