10 Great Pet Friendly Hotels

I have to say, I’m surprised to find that there are as many hotels in the world that accept pets as there are. There are apparently 445 of them in Berlin alone, according to Expedia. I guess this must be because large numbers of people travel with pets and it would be silly to exclude such a big group. Here’s a selection of some of the best pet friendly hotels:

Kimpton Hotels, USA

Kimpton Hotels pet-friendly

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton is a US chain of that has a very generous policy, allowing animals of all sorts to stay in its hotels – regardless of size (which is unusual). They even go as far as nominating a Director of Pet Relations for each hotel – all dogs I note (Kimpton’s – how about a cat or a snake for Director? Eh?). These are real animals who hang around the hotel and even become famous in their own right (see this article about Ginger the teacup Pomeranian), and hold parties …

Kimptons also offer pet beds for loan, food and water bowls, water and snacks in the lobby and a personal greeting from management! Not forgetting a list of pet-friendly businesses and attractions in the location.

Website: http://www.kimptonhotels.com/

Algonquin Hotel, New York

Matilda the Algonquin Cat

Matilda the Algonquin Cat

The Algonquin have always had a resident cat, ever since a stray was taken in by the owner in the 1930s, and they’re always called either Matilda or Hamlet depending on the gender.

They’ll also allow your dog into their hotel, although there are conditions which they’re shy on publicising – you’ll need to enquire. However, if your pet is accepted into the fold, you’ll be given food and water bowls, litter tray and accoutrements and even a welcome letter from Matilda herself. I don’t know where the hotels get these talented pets from.

The most famous pet the Algonquin has taken in is probably Snowball, the cockatoo who dances to the Backstreet Boys:

Website: http://www.algonquinhotel.com/

The Milestone Hotel

Milestone Hotel, Kensington

Milestone Hotel

A seriously luxurious hotel in a seriously luxurious part of London, Kensington, The Milestone is a favourite of Conde Nast, no less (voted “One of the best places to stay” in 2011). A butler will look after you and your dog, point out the dog dishes on the menu, award your pooch a Milestone dog tag and you with some dog poop bags for your walk in nearby Kensington Gardens.

A pet bed, cushions, even a duvet are the choices your pet has to make about how he’s going to spend the night. There’s even a “Do not disturb pet” sign plus fresh mineral water and a treat to round off his pampered day.

Website: http://www.chienbleutravel.com/hotels/milestonehotel.html

Avalon B&B, Brighton

Mama and baby seagull at the Avalon B&B, Brighton

Mama and baby seagull at the Avalon

I love this place for many reasons, not just for the fact that they’ll welcome your dog with open arms, give them a free sausage and walk them if you’re going somewhere that won’t accept your canine friend.

There are many more thoughtful touches, however: they’ll also lend you OS maps for walks, provide you with a “seagull update and window visit” (that’s what the picture above is all about), replace your energy-saving lightbulbs if they give you headaches, and seek out the quirkiest of books for your stay: “How to Survive Bird Flu – a Practical Guide”, anyone?

Website: http://www.avalonbrighton.co.uk/

XbarH Lodge


A more down to earth sort of place in beautiful Utah is the unusually-cased XbarH Lodge. As with quite a few of these hotels, there’s no extra charge for putting up your pet and no size restrictions – as long as they’re well-mannered and you’re not a feckless owner they’re very welcome.

Your dog won’t be short of things to do if you have to leave it on their own – the owners will take it for a walk for you.

Website: http://xbarhlodge.com/

Horse Stamp Inn

Owners of the Horse Stamp Inn

Owners of the Horse Stamp Inn (AJC.com)

Who says cats, dogs and parakeets are the only pets? If you’re not fond of leaving your horse at home, why not visit the Horse Stamp Inn where they’ll welcome her with open arms? She’ll be sharing a pasture with resident horse, Belle, though.

Website: http://www.horsestampinn.com/

The Cottages and Lofts, Nantucket

Woof Cottage, Nantucket

Woof Cottage, Nantucket

For an extra charge of at least $60, stay in a Woof Cottage and get access to all the pet essentials you’ll need for your stay with your cat or dog. Treats and toys, bowls and food, dog-walking services, pet tags and a litter box are all provided, but make sure your mutt stays quiet or they’ll be onto you!

Website: http://www.thecottagesnantucket.com/pet-friendly.aspx

Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho

Dog Bark Park Inn

Dog Bark Park Inn (Wikimedia.com)

You may well have seen this place on the TV, as for some reason it’s attracted a fair bit of attention (can’t work it out myself …) It was constructed with funds raised in a massively popular sale of wooden dogs on QVC, carved by the artist owners of the guest house.

A very comfortable guest room is located in this Beagle-shaped B&B and it’s much more than the basic room that you might expect in such an unusual structure. There’s a fridge, bathroom and extra bed in the building, and plenty of dog-related reading materials inside. Of course your dog is welcome and there’s one on site, too, belonging to the lovely, artistic owners.

Website: http://www.dogbarkparkinn.com/

Pen y Dyffryn, Shropshire

Pen-y-Dyffryn, Shopshire

Pen-y-Dyffryn, Shopshire

Pen y Dyffryn, Shropshire, England (on the border with Wales) is located in a wonderful part of the world with lots of countryside walks on the doorstep, so it’s an ideal place to take your dog.

The owners have accepted dogs for years and are quite accepting of canine companions, taking them in free of charge. You do need to bring your own dog bedding, though. Try to book a ground floor room with a stone patio that Lady or Max can relax on in the sunshine.

Website: http://www.peny.co.uk/

Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Mardarin Oriental Dog Menu

Mandarin Oriental Dog Menu (http://www.hotelchatter.com/)

The Mandarin Oriental chain accepts dogs worldwide, though individual locations have different rules on the size of animal it will take in. In the Paris MO, in a city famed for the number of small dogs cuddled in their owners’ arms, pooches are pampered to a frightening extent.

Archie Lewoof, who has his own Facebook page is another letter-writing doggie who happens to be the hotel’s mascot. As well as a welcome note from him, your pooch will receive a golden MO dog tag, a range of expensive menu choices from a Posh Dog’s Menu, pet sitting and dog-walking services.

Website: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/paris/

If anyone has any other dog-friendly establishments they’d like to recommend (the quirkier the better, obviously) get in touch and I’ll add you to the list.


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