Secret Garden in the Sky: Promenade Plantée

Promenade Plantee picture, Paris

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You’ll find the entrance to the Promenade Plantée on l’Avenue Daumesnil just south of the Bastille Opera where you’ll head up the steps. This is a raised promenade that follows to a large extent the old chemin de fer de l’Est (railway line). It’s a real treat of a walk that allows you to get away from the hoards, sniff roses and look out over the Parisian rooftops whilst being mown down by passing joggers. (Only joking – pedestrians and joggers can co-exist – the path’s generally wide enough).

You’ll be walking through the rooftops of Paris, and will see amongst other things reproductions of “The Dying Slave” on top of a police station on the corner of Rue de Rambouillet (see photo above – credited to Paris Walking Tours.)

The promenade’s 4.5km long so you’ll get a decent amount of exercise and it ends a short way away from the Bois de Vincennes (and it’s a short walk to Metro Dorée to get you home). There’s also a cycle route running below, joining up with the promenade later, but still split into two paths – so you’ll not be mown down by cyclists either.

As an alternative to the raised area, between the arches of the Viaduct (the Viaduc des Arts) a number of artists and artisan workshops were established to complete the renovation of this crumbling piece of engineering in the late 1980s.


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