French Election Commentary in a Toy Shop Window

Tout en Peluche

Tout en Peluche window

These gorgeous pics were taken in the window of the Tout en Peluche (everything plush) toy shop in Montparnasse, Paris. They were taken by me back in March, and I presume they’re a playful take on French elections – possibly the presidential elections (?).

There are militant anti-vegetarians in the form of spring onions and a banana dog looking for votes in the picture above …

… and below is the shop itself, it’s situated at 39 rue Raymond Losserand in the 14th arrondissement.

Tout en Peluche, Rue Raymond Losserand, Paris

One of the candidates is offering a stocked fridge “frigo garni” and there’s a lion who’s become a vegetarian “bio” candidate:

Tout en Peluche window display

First scandal mentioned in the text below involves “flour of diplodocus” (a dinosaur) from the Gobi desert and windsurfers and a pot of roses. (I’m sure it’s very clever but I’m afraid my basic French doesn’t get it.) The second revolves around a toy gun …

Tout en Peluche window display

Very imaginative windows. Now maybe Hanleys in London could do something along the same lines for the mayoral elections with Boris and Ken as Mr Potato Head and Gollum?


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