5 Unexpected Things to do in London

Pollocks Toy Museum, London

Pollocks Toy Shop

(Guest post)

So you’ve always wanted to travel to London but you don’t want to do the cliché things that everybody does. That’s cool. There are some of the cliché things that are great that you should do (The London Eye for example) but most of London’s treats are found in the smaller, lesser-known places. This article is about five of my favourites.

5) Pollock’s Toy Museum – 1 Scala St, London, W1T 2HL (see pic above)

Just look at those toys: it’s hard to imagine that at some point in history children actually played with them. That’s the beauty of Pollock’s toy museum: nostalgia. Even if many of the toys are too old for you to remember (and many of them will be), nothing can prevent the wave of nostalgic emotion regarding your childhood: Pollock’s Toy Museum serves to remind you how great it was to be a kid, and how much you miss it. None of this feels sad though, because you’re surrounded by the Magic of Toys.

Monument steps

The steps at Monument

4) Climb the London Monument – Monument St, London, EC3R 8AH

I’ve always been afraid of heights, but climbing the London monument is supposed to be fantastic (my brother told me). Built to commemorate the great fire 1666, the London monument was designed by Robert Hooke who *awesome information alert* also invented the spirit level and sash window. If you’re like me and afraid of heights you can see what the view from the top looks like at the base, but I would recommend that you try to be better than me.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Royal Observatory

3) Visit the Royal Observatory – Romney Rd, London, SE10 9NF

Okay, I am obsessed with space. It’s been a fascination of mine since I was a child, and the Royal Observatory is one of the best places a space junkie can ever visit (besides NASA). A great many discoveries that have defined human history and knowledge of space have happened right here. You also have a chance to check out real meteorites! As well as receiving a guide to the stars from a real astronomer. It’s great for kids; amazing for adults.

Merton Abbey Mills

Merton Abbey Mills

2) Make Pottery (!) at Wheelhouse Pottery – Merton Abbey Mills, Merantun Way, SW19 2RD

I came so close to going into ceramics when I was a student. Pottery is amazing for adults and kids, but is most rewarding for adults. Pottery is tranquil, relaxing and very romantic (thanks, Patrick Swayze). At Merton Abbey Mills you can partake in weekend workshops, which will leave you feeling fantastic (there is no better way to please the soul than creativity). Access you inner artist, you’re bound to love it.

99 Comedy Club

99 Comedy Club

1) 99 Comedy Club London – Storm, 28a Leicester Square, WC2H 7LE

I might be a little biased to putting this at number 1 since I am a huge stand-up comedian fan. This still doesn’t change the fact that 99 Comedy Club will be a great night out. 99 play host to many established comics from TV, those that are about to break through to TV and those alternative to never be put on TV. Whatever your taste in comedy, they will have it. I personally don’t think there is much better to get from a trip than seeing something live and 99 offers a live show for the fraction of the price of let’s say, a West End show, but entertains just as much. Get yourself to a show! Oh, by the way, this is definitely for adults only.

Thomas M is a blogger in the UK, who spends a lot of his time travelling and seeing the sights. He does indeed have a serious love for comedy (especially London comedy).


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