50 Olympic Events You Won’t See At London 2012

Note from Quirky Travel: Although I’ll be clearing out of London for the Olympics and tend to switch off the TV as soon as I hear them mentioned, the infographic below tickled me – thanks to Mike of Find Me a Gift for providing it in the guest post below. There’s an alternative way of looking at everything in this life …

It’s really not very long until the Olympic juggernaut rolls into London, and people from all corners of the United Kingdom are starting to get excited. And there’s good reason for such excitement, as the Olympic Games is an awesome spectacle. Thousands of the finest athletes from around the world will be competing in 302 events across 26 different sports. In fact 204 nations will be participating in total, making in the joint largest games in history.

As exciting as this is, we kind of know what we’re going to get. Sure there will be a few alternative events, Like BMX riding, but the line-up has been pretty consistent for the last 60 years. It hasn’t always been like this though.

The years 1896 to 1936 were a golden age for experimentation at the Olympic Games. It would be great if some of these past events could be incorporated today, but we should probably be thankful that the rest of them have been left in the past …

50 discontinued Olympic events

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