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is aimed at anyone who wants to discover something a bit different to the usual tourist tips and recommendations. It’s a great excuse for me (Julie McNamee) to write about cities I’ve visited or would like to visit, exhibitions I think you should check out, restaurants that are slightly off the wall.

I’ll not be writing about the usual things that have been done a thousand times on websites a million times better than this one. I want to concentrate on quirky and alternative things that tickle me about any old place I fancy, and think you might too.

Here’s what Car Hire Market said about Quirky Travel

“It’s always nice to see things from someone else’s unique personal viewpoint, and Quirky Travel provides this in clever bucketloads. Well-informed, with a fresh approach to pretty much everything, Julie seeks and finds the less well-travelled paths, the unusual sights, and intriguing facts that tend not to make it into the guidebooks …”


I’m also a freelance article writer, ghostwriter, proofreader, editor and sub-editor. I’ve written for WordtrackerWeekendNotes.com and Argus Car Hire Blog as well as content for other travel, business sites, and blog posts for TargetLocal. I even do a bit of film reviewing for the Fortean Times.

Julie McNamee - Quirky Travel



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